Installation and basic setup of web applications for project and task management:

  • Redmine
  • ChilliProject
  • Bitrix24

Connection of remote offices or branch offices or distributed servers:

  • session-based VPN configuration based on IPSec (strongSwan, openSwan) and others (OpenVPN) — IP traffic encryption
  • tunnel-based VPN configuration based on PPTP, L2TP and others
  • firewall and routing setup (iptables, firewalld, ipfw)

As well as ready-made solutions in the form of access servers, file-sharing systems, platforms for external and internal sites of companies:

  • Internet access to the company's employees
  • secure gateway between your network and the Internet
  • restriction of access, traffic control, calculations and statistics
  • internal resources access configuration for remote users
  • own external and internal mail server
  • file-sharing system within the company
  • internal forum or project management system for employees

Installation and configuration of RDBMS:

  • the basic configuration of the relational database systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL)
  • basic configuration of the non-relational database systems, document-oriented (MongoDB, CouchDB), and key-value (Cassandra, Riak, Redis, BerkeleyDB)
  • configuration of distributed cluster systems with replication
  • automated backup and recovery

Voice-over-IP based on Asterisk® PBX:

  • existing PBX integration
  • voicemail
  • DID numbers
  • IVR dialogues
  • telephone communication between remote offices
  • call-center organization

Installation and configuration of mail servers and anti-spam subsystems:

  • configuration of MTA (Exim, qmail, Postfix, sendmail, Dovecot, Zimbra)
  • configuration of MUA (IMAP, POP3)
  • configuration of MTA for spam prevention
  • configuration of DNBL
  • installation and configuration of DRBL
  • installing and configuring of the message content filters (Spamassasin/Bogofilter)


  • domain registration
  • support and consulting services for the correctness of editing the domain's zone
  • installation of own DNS servers, DNS hosting.

Installation and configuration, Optimization of online shops, portals, forums, CMS systems of any complexity such as

  • 1C Bitrix
  • ModX
  • Wordpress
  • IPB / phpBB

 development of extra modules and plug-ins of any complexity